Terry Lucas's poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in more than fifty print and online journals and anthologies, including: Alaska Quarterly Review, Best New Poets, Cider Press Review, Clementine Unbound, Columbia Poetry Review, Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, Crab Orchard Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Free State Review, Grain Magazine, Great River Review, Green Mountains Review,  MiPOesias, Naugatuck River Review, New Mexico Poetry Review, New Millennium Writings, Nostos, Ocho, Poetry Flash, PoetsArtists, Prime Number Magazine, Rosebud Magazine, Sin Fronteras: Writers Without Borders, Solo, South 85 Journal, The Citron Review, The Comstock Review, THIS Literary Magazine, and many others.  


200 New Mexico Poems​: "Shiprock"

Clementine Unbound: "Psalm '66"

Connotation Press, An Online Artifact: "Confession" and "Dream Ending With a Line by Charles Wright"

Crab Orchard Review: PDF of entire Issue 19 containing award-winning poem, "Contra Costa"

Dactyls & Drakes: "Dear Frogs of Pinckneyville, Illinois" 

Prime Number Magazine: (Click on issue 3 Prime Decimals for "Addicted" and "The Spell" and scroll to issue 3.3)

The Citron Review: "Black Friday"

The Good Men Project: "Vox Dei" and "Collect"

THIS Literary Magazine: "Wind" and "On Drinking Coffee With a Stranger At Cafe Divine"


Review in ​Cider Press Review:

​​"Jayne Benjulian's Five Sextillion Atoms"



"Cold, Cold, Feeling: A Review of Larry Levis's The Darkening Trapeze"


South 85 Journal

"Why I Write: Discovery Vs. Self-Expression"

Review of Wendy Barker's One Blackbird at a Time

Review of Rebecca Foust's Paradise Drive

                     Review of Mary Jo Bang's The Last Two Seconds

Review of Patti Smith's ​M Train

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Released in February of 2016 by CW Books, In This Room ​is Lucas's first full-length poetry collection: "...a look into our American life--steadily remembered and imagined, rich with detail, by turns languorous and startling," according to Carol Frost, Pushcart Prize Winner and holder of the Theodore Bruce and Barbara Lawrence Alford Chair of English at Rollins College.

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Released in October of 2016 by Saint Julian Press, Dharma Rain is Lucas's second full-length poetry collection. "From grim realities to wry humor, the poems of Lucas's new book confront the mysteries of science, faith, and desire in exquisite forms, delicious language, and keen intelligence," according to Wendy Barker, The Pearl LeWinn Professor of Creative Writing at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

​​Chard deNiord, poet laureate of Vermont, says: "In his fresh new visions of the world stripped of its former fashions, ideologies, and mythologies, Lucas writes as if he’s observing the world for the first time on his own heuristic terms, in both dexterously formal and free verse." 

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"In Terry Lucas's Altar Call," [one of four winning chapbooks in the inaugural anthology of the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival] Dorianne Laux says, "we encounter not only the human spirit stripped bare, but also the spirit of language made resonant through an attention to and fascination with everyday details: a couple's first night together in a motel bed, a boy's first strained swim toward his father, the loud confessions of Christian believers filled with the spit and swagger of hell-fire preachers . . . these are some of the images that populate and haunt this syntactically acrobatic, passionately crafted chapbook." For more information and how to order this book, click this link.

IF They Have Ears To Hear

Winner of the 2012 Copperdome Chapbook Award by Southeast Missouri State University Press, If They Have Ears to Hear is Lucas's first stand-alone poetry collection. "A gripping debut," according to acclaimed poet, critic, and activist Alicia Ostriker; "a meticulous and compelling collection," according to Michael Waters, author of Gospel Night." See "Press" in this website for reviews, as well as additional statements about what Peter Campion calls Lucas's "entirely unique metaphorical imagination."

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