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Send one poem (40 lines or fewer) to lucas.t274@gmail.com. At no cost,

I will provide written comments, and a 15 minute consultation about your poem, so you can see how I work. Write "Free Offer" in the subject line, and include anything about you or your writing in the body. Please attach the poem in a word document. (For poets not currently or previously clients.)




Terry Lucas is a wordmaster who brings to his editorial work a keen poetic eye and ear. Attuned to his authors'  needs, acute in his assessments, and generously proactive in his editorial collaboration, he can make a manuscript truly sing.


​--David Groff, Lambda Award-Winning independent book editor, writer, poet, teacher, publishing consultant, and literary agent scout, New York, New York



I’m not exaggerating when I write that Terry Lucas is the reason I’m a published poet.  Based upon his thoughtful review of my work and his broad knowledge of the literary journal universe – I followed his advice and received three acceptances in one month.  He’s the best!


--Merna Skinner, President, Satori Communications, Inc., Los Angeles, California


As a writer whose schedule won't permit me to pursue an MFA, working with Terry is the next best thing. He's helped me hone my instincts and see new opportunities in every poetic line. I've gained a broader understanding of poetry's purpose and impact. Terry is a gifted teacher, able to offer suggestions that enhance—rather than obscure—my own writing voice. 

While working with Terry, I've had four poems long-listed in a major poetry competition and two named as finalists for other awards. My conversations with Terry are the highlight of my week, and I highly recommend him to others seeking a deeper, more confident relationship with their own writing and poetry at large.


--​Elizabeth Oxley, writer, poet, and business owner, Longmont, Colorado 



Terry Lucas is a poetry consultant who guided me through writing, revising, choosing, and submitting my first three published poems over a period of four months!  His personal understanding and encouragement, his artistic skill and insight, and his professional knowledge and experience took me and my poetry writing to new places and possibilities.  I went from being the guy writing a poem entitled "If I Were A Poet" to getting that poem published, and at long last, to seeing myself as a poet.  He welcomed me into that community of poets that is so important to him, and that had seemed so closed to me before I met Terry.  What gifts he has as a poet; what a gift he is as a mentor.


--Jim Benton, retired school teacher and poet, Ft. Worth, Texas



Terry's sensitivity, focus and keen editing eye helped me to honor my strengths, but also come to terms with areas where I needed more attention and work. Terry knows poetry. His enthusiasm, dedication and love of poetry are infectious. His generous and articulate evaluation and suggestions taught me to see my poems from a broader perspective, helping me to take them and my writing to a whole new level. 


--​Toni Bernbaum, Tarot teacher, workshop facilitator, ritualist, collage artist and poet, Fort Bragg, California




Terry Lucas is an editor whose insight and precision strengthens the writer's aim as he points to what must be tightened, developed, or reconsidered. He is an editor who never fails to find the pulse of a writer's work, making sure that what is on the page is aligned with the writer's vision.


--Tayve Neese, poet, essayist, and Co-Executive editor of Trio House Press, Amelia Island, Florida