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I am pleased to announce that in April, I will be installed as the sixth Poet Laureate of Marin County California, and will serve a term of two years (2019-2021).

There will be a torch passing celebration at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2019, at Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA.

I am grateful to Becky Foust, outgoing Marin Poet Laureate, who has raised the bar of the position with her platform of "Poetry as Sanctuary" over the past two years, as well as all of the previous Marin Poets Laureate, who have made significant contributions to the state of poetry in Marin County and beyond.

The theme of my tenure will be "Poetry as Connection." My intention is to serve the poets of Marin and their readers and audiences by helping poets to better connect with with one another, and by helping poets connect with a wider audience and readership. 

I am grateful to Dick Brown, chairman, and the entire Poet Laureate Committee, to Sara Jones, Director of the Marin Free Library system, and her team, as well as to the Marin Board of Supervisors for the opportunity to serve poets and the citizens of Marin in this manner.

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"A Small Pebble" was a finalist in the Naugatuck River Review's 10th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest, and is published in the journal's 2019 Winter/Spring Issue.

"Neighbors at 2:00 A.M." appears in the new 2019 Winter/Spring Issue of Alaska Quarterly Review.

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My essay, "Metaphor and Love in the Poetry of Alicia Ostriker" now appears HERE at the online companion site to the newly published collection of essays about Ostriker's work, Everywoman Her Own Theology.

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The four decade back story of my poem, "Shiprock," now appears HERE on Christal Cooper's Blog, along with photographs taken along the journey.

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